Sports Psychology appointments by telephone

Sometimes the easiest way to talk to me and get some help is over the telephone. We all carry mobile phones nowadays, so wherever you are, you can conduct a Sports Psychology consultation with me. 


I have worked with many sportspeople over the telephone. Some of these athletes are ones that I have met in-person or in a face-to-face appointment, who then want help later over the telephone. There are others still, who I have never met in person - we have only had telephone consultations. 

When Sports Psychology consultations by phone are great

This is when:

  • A sportsperson lives too far away to visit me in person

  • A sportsperson is away at a training camp or competition

  • A sportsperson who lives abroad who wants to access a UK professional who speaks English

  • A sportsperson is injured and cannot get to me easily (or maybe even out of their house)

  • A sportsperson is more comfortable calling from their own home

  • A sportsperson has too many other commitments to visit me in person

Of course, other reasons also exist.

To get help, by telephone, wherever you are, then get in touch today.

Dr Victor Thompson

Clinical Sports Psychologist

Tel (UK): 07979 622537

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